We are a new Italian brand of mens dress shirts based in Milan and born with the ambitious goal of creating the perfect shirt. We wanted to make our shirts available to everyone, so we decided to cut out the middlemen and to sell online only through our website. This allows us to sell our shirts directly to you at a fraction of retail prices. With a product that we had put our heart and soul into, when we launched our collection publicly the response we got from our first customers was overwhelming, and lots of them told us that our shirts were the best off the rack shirts they had ever bought. We will continue developing our collection to meet the ever increasing demand. We love our shirts and we hope that you will do too.

At Spadari we pride ourselves on offering premium high end dress shirts for men. They are made in Italy from the design to the production, and we can be sure of that because we personally make each of our shirts here in Milan. To ensure that the quality would remain high and consistent we decided to keep the entire production process within Italy and resist the temptation that most brands give in to, which is to outsource production and materials acquisition overseas. Each of our shirts is created in the traditional way by skilled Italian craftsmen and we know we can rely on them to produce our shirts consistently to a level that matched that of bespoke shirts. Their experience along with the high quality of the materials we use results in shirts that look and feel consistently good for years.